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Mine Jobs is a specialist portal servicing the Mining industry.

We specialise in Geotechnical, Mining Engineers, Geology, Environmental Management, Process, Reliability, Mine Surveying, Electrical, Mechanical, and International.

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Find out what life in a chosen career is like straight from the professionals themselves using the Real Talk app, free from The Learning Partnership.
27 Nov 2015
In Part 2 we cover off the 3 most feared and nerve-wracking interview questions professionals of all types may encounter.
24 Nov 2015
Make sure you’re a right fit for the business you’re applying to and that the role on offer will help further your career, not stall it.
20 Nov 2015
Here’s your guide to nailing 4 of the most common and tricky interview questions you’re likely to be asked during your job hunt.
20 Nov 2015